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Merchant Benefits

Why CardX?

Keep 100% of every credit card sale. True 0% cost on all credit cards.
Pay only for debit
Turnkey solution for compliance, no headaches / no expertise needed.
Customer friendly: CardX passes on the fee for credit only, customers can always choose debit as a no-fee option

Products & Pricing

Sell $100 On A Credit Card, Receive $100 In Your Account

Sell $100 On A Debit Card, Receive $98.75 In Your Account*

The cardholder pays 3.5% on a credit card transaction, while the cost to the merchant is always 0%
Consumer debit is 1% + $0.25 to the merfchant.

Your business cost on consumer debit cards is 1% + 0.25, Commercial debit cards because of the higher rate charged by the issuing bank, cost 3.38%

key entered Debit transactions on the CardX terminal do not qualify for the 1% + 0.25 rate. To achieve the 1% + 0.25 rate for key entry, we invite you to sign up for the virtual terminal at no extra cost.

CardX Terminal

Card Present
Get everything you need in the box (including required signage)
EMV Quick Chip
No upfront purchase cost and no lease
Deployed direct from CardX and billed $35 / month for software license, free paper resupplies, and ongoing support. Month-to-month, no term contract.

Virtual Terminal

Key enter payments from your web browser
No software to install

Hosted Payment Page

Enable customers to pay on your website
Secure (PCI Level 1), easy to integrate


Not yet in available in CO, CT, MA, OK, and KS

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